Cardi B: The Real Reason She Won’t Share Baby Kulture’s Face On Social Media

Cardi has shown off her daughter’s lips, feet, hands and voice, but will fans ever see more of the rapper’s baby? All signs point to no, her makeup artist told HL exclusively. Here’s why!

What’s the hold up? Cardi B, 25, and Offset, 26, welcomed their daughter Kulture back in July — but they have yet to reveal a picture of their baby girl on social media. Well, unless you count her hands, the side of her head or a video with her voice in the background. “The reason she didn’t want to show her baby is because there are negative people on Instagram and a lot of negative people on social media,” Cardi’s makeup artist Erika La’ Pearl told EXCLUSIVELY. “She doesn’t want anyone talking about her baby because she’s very protective.”

And since paparazzi pics were recently released of Kulture on a balcony with her momma in Miami, Cardi is even less likely to share her daughter’s photos now. “She sees comments on social media with people talking about how dark her baby is, or she’s not cute,” Erika added. “She actually wanted to show her baby, but after that happened, I highly doubt she’s going to show her off anytime soon. Cardi is always reading those comments, and it affects her.”

But as Cardi’s makeup artist, Erika has seen the little one in person — and claims she’s too cute! “That baby is adorable,” she said, which only makes us want a glimpse even more than we already did. reached out to Cardi B’s rep for comment.

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