Hollyoaks is lining up a shock arrest for Ellie Nightingale after Mac wakes up

Hollyoaks is lining up a shock arrest for Ellie Nightingale after Alfie reports her to the police next week.

Alfie (Richard Linnell) will take drastic action against his sister when he becomes adamant that she needs to pay for her earlier attack on their father Mac, which left him with Locked in Syndrome.

As the Nightingales reel in the wake of recent events, the stress begins to take its toll on Alfie – who starts to have a mental health relapse.

With Alfie’s clearly struggling, his loved ones grow concerned that he is getting ill again – especially when he announces that he’s had a phone call from Mac.

Viewers know that Mac recently showed signs of regaining his mobility, but Alfie’s announcement sparks further concern with both Yazz and Marnie – who are convinced this isn’t possible

Increasingly worried about Alfie as he prepares to visit his dad, the pair decide to follow the teenager to the hospital – where they’re horrified to find Mac awake and out of bed.

While the Nightingales try to come to terms with Mac’s miraculous recovery, they’re thrown into another dilemma when he insists that he wants them to be a family again.

Although Marnie and James decide against telling Ellie the news before she goes away, the decision is taken out their hands when Alfie blurts out the truth anyway.

Later, Ellie decides to visit Mac at the hospital but Alfie is horrified when he misinterprets a conversation between the pair and believes his dad is in danger.

Convince that Ellie is threatening Mac, Alfie goes to drastic measures to keep him safe and calls the police to have his sister arrested.

As the police take Ellie in for questioning, James is forced to reluctantly enlist Sami’s help in finding a loophole in the case.

We already know that Sophie Porley has filmed her final scenes as Ellie, but is she now facing a bleak future in prison?

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with first look screenings at 7pm on E4.

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