London Bridge hero wants to be reunited with wounded German tourist he helped after she was knocked 9ft in the air by terrorists' van

Jermaine Bernard, 26, had been walking across the bridge on the fateful night and saw the van careering onto the side of the road.

Speaking for the first time since the horror exactly one year ago, he told The Sun Online: “The van hit a lady from Germany – it knocked her eight or nine feet in the air.”

Jermaine, from East London, today joined hundreds of people including Theresa May and Sadiq Khan who gathered at the scene to pay their respects to the eight victims.

He said he only knows the German woman’s first name, Regina, but has not seen her since the tragedy – and is desperate to find out how she is.

Jermaine added: “We saw the van come onto the path, I thought it had lost control.

“But when I saw it keep going, my senses went to high alert.

“I started to run away but out of the corner of my eye, I saw the van come past me.”

He said despite his terror at the unfolding violence, his natural instinct was to stop and help her after she was hit.

Jermaine said he helped the woman with her injuries and comforted her after he dialled 999.

He added: “Her name will forever be etched in my heart.”

Jermaine said Regina had been visiting London with her nephew, who witnessed the shocking attack.

He said he had stood on the same spot as when he saw the incident unfold, saying he got “goosebumps”.

Reliving the tragedy, the merchandiser for New Look, said: “Me and my friends decided to take a walk and we ended up coming across the bridge.

“We got to the middle of the bridge and we wanted to take a few photographs because it was so beautiful.

“But that was when it started to kick off and the van came onto the actual path.

“Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the van had come past me and I thought I need to run in the other direction.

“But it came across the middle of the path and a lady from Germany was knocked probably eight or nine feet into the air.

“My natural instinct was that I had to stop running and I had to go towards her.

“I ran to her straight away and as soon as it happened, I was on the phone to the emergency services.

“Her nephew was with her and we took her to the ambulance.

“She was conscious, but her head was bleeding and I think she had broken her leg or hip.

“I haven’t spoken to her – it would be nice to know if she is OK.”

But he said he has been left heartened by how London today came together.

He said: “Even before coming here, I took taking the same exact route.

“It gave me goosebumps. I could feel the same air.”

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