6 Burning Questions From ‘Gossip Girl’ Series Finale – Find Out the Answers!

Gossip Girl unfortunately came to an end this week on HBO Max.

The streaming service released the final episode of the revival’s second season, and fans were left on a few cliffhangers!

Previously, showrunner Joshua Safran admitted that there were in fact going to be things left open a bit.

“But they’re cliffhangers in which I think if it were to end, you could make connections as an audience member, ‘Oh okay, I get that.’ I don’t know how to explain it. You’ll have to wait till you see it,” Joshua said. “But it’s not like, ‘Oh no, Chuck has been shot. Is he gonna die?’ Nothing like that. It’s more like, ‘Oh wait, there’s more.’”

He added, “I guess I’ll put it this way: it was setting up stories for season 3, and I think your brain can fill in where the stories would go. It isn’t like somebody’s face is hanging in the balance.”

Now that the season is fully out, we’ve gathered six cliffhangers from the finale that we simply needed to know the answers to, and luckily for us, the showrunner spilled some info in an interview!

Click through to find out the cliffhangers and all info we were able to uncover…

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