9 Glee Stars Have Become Parents Since the Series Ended & Another Has a Standing Offer if They’re Ever Looking for a Baby

The members of Glee‘s New Directions are all grown up, and they almost have enough kids between them to field their own competitive show choir group!

Fans watched the stars grow up on their TV screens. Eight years after saying farewell, many of them have moved on and developed successful careers in Hollywood.

Nine of them have also become parents! As dedicated Gleeks will recall, one of the only show choir rules we ever learn is that you need at least 12 members to enter competitions, which means that it is getting close.

In fact, another cast member has a standing offer to become a parent if they are ever in that phase of their life. We gathered together all of the McKinley High alumni who have gone on to start families after graduating.

Scroll through all of the members of the New Directions who have gone on to have children since leaving the choir room…

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