Aaron Rodgers explains his astrologically messy arm tattoo links

Aaron Rodgers explains his cursed tattoo, which involves the astrology and a lot crazy sh-t. Rodgers really… lost the plot. [Pajiba]
Lee Pace is so attractive and his clothes are so bad. [GFY]
Whoa, conservatives are coming for no-fault divorce?? [Jezebel]
Days of Our Lives is moving to Peacock. [Seriously OMG]
Wendy Williams says Wendy Williams was lying about marrying a cop. [Dlisted]
I enjoy Marie Bakalova’s hustle. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Katharine McPhee won’t wear jewelry anymore because she’s worried about being mugged in LA. She sounds mega-Republican. [JustJared]
Wait, Creme Savers were discontinued?!? [Buzzfeed]
Lori Harvey signed with a modeling agency. [LaineyGossip]
Democrats should go on the attack against these fascist nutburgers. [Towleroad]
Who is Southern Charm’s Whitney Sudler-Smith? [Starcasm]

Thoughts on his new ink?

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— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) July 6, 2022

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