Amanda Bynes Released From Hospital After Psychotic Episode

Amanda Bynes is out of the hospital!

The former child star has been discharged from a mental health hospital after more than three weeks. According to sources close to the 37-year-old who spoke with TMZ, she was released on Monday after she and her medical team decided she was ready to get back to her day-to-day life.

Per the sources, the Sydney White star will live in her own home, just like she was before the hospitalization, and she will have much of the same freedom she had following the end of her conservatorship last year. The only difference is she will start an outpatient treatment program to gain support from doctors and specialists as she moves forward.

This is a great improvement!

As we’ve been following, The Amanda Show alum was first placed on a 5150 hold after she self-reported having a psychotic episode late last month. She was roaming the streets of downtown LA naked when she flagged down a stranger and called 911 for help. We are thrilled to hear her mental health is improving and we wish her nothing but the best as she reenters her normal life. Hopefully, she will only be surrounded by supporting individuals who help her stay on a healthy path from here on out.

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