‘Angel’ Emma Thompson made Charlotte Kirk cry at awards show

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Charlotte Kirk, 30, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk at the premiere afterparty of her newest horror flick, The Lair, hosted by Madox Tavern. 2023 has brought many exciting moments for the rising star, as projects continue to line up and she revealed the heartwarming moment she got to share with her idol Emma Thompson, 63, at the Inspiration Awards for Women.

The two British actresses enjoyed a lengthy heart-to-heart at the awards show in January, bonding over their shared interest in women’s rights.

Charlotte revealed to Express.co.uk that she actually ended up in tears during the candid conversation.

She recalled a special moment with Emma: “She looked at me and she went, ‘I can tell what’s happened to you’.

“She said, ‘I can tell what’s happened to you and I believe you’.

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“Meeting her changed my life.”

In 2020, Charlotte’s name was scattered across international headlines as the actress became embroiled in legal battles with titans of Hollywood over sexual assault and harassment allegations.

While voices like Rose McGowan have spoken out in support of Charlotte’s fight, the actress has remained silent due to gag orders and NDAs.

She continued: “I can’t speak to my psychiatrist, I can’t speak to my doctor, I can’t speak to no one” making Emma’s declaration all that more special to the actress.

Taking her time to be selective about her wording, Charlotte explained the situation: “In a nutshell, I went to LA when I was 19. A lot of s**t, bad s**t, happened.

“It’s so weird people look at me now and say, ‘You’re not autistic’ but I’ve come a long way.

“Meeting me now is very different to me when I was 19, my mum would say my issue is I’m trusting: ‘Oh my god I moved to LA and there’s all these powerful men that want to be my best friend!’

“I believed everything I heard and they knew that.”

Charlotte explained that the perpetrators “lock you into an NDA so you can’t speak and they put their narrative out there first so you can’t do anything about it”.

The Vice actress is currently a test case for a law regarding NDAs and sexual harassment, saying: “So if I get past that law all NDAs regarding sexual harassment will be gone, abolished.

“The test case is this year so it’s really big.”

She described her case as “David and Goliath” highlighting that just because the Weinstein case is over doesn’t mean the fight has been won.

She said: “Weinstein there was one baddie and many victims. Me there’s, well me, and four perpetrators.”

Over the last two years, Charlotte has been “focused on her career” while waiting for the case to get to court and has founded her own production company after moving back to the UK.

Charlotte explained that “acting is my therapy” and has helped her progress through her autism, as she joked: “I love being a character but being myself scares the s**t out of me.”

The Lair, starring Charlotte, is now available to watch on Shudder.

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