Bella Hadid gives the middle finger to NYPD officers not wearing masks

Bella Hadid gives the NYPD the middle finger as she calls out police officers for not wearing masks

Bella Hadid wasn’t happy when she came across a group of NYPD officers without face masks on.

So the 23-year-old model decided to make a statement, taking to her Instagram to put the cops on blast on Wednesday.

Proving actions were louder than words, Bella boldly put up her middle finger while the maskless police hovered in the background.

Flipping out: Bella Hadid flipped off some NYPD officers who weren’t wearing masks in a new Instagram Story

‘Hey @nypd masks are for all of our safety, not just urs….. :)’ Hadid wrote, while also advising followers to wear their own masks in all caps. 

Another similar picture showed Bella – who is immunocompromised due to her Lyme Disease – in front of another group of cops with her arms crossed.  

‘U guys look goofy,’ she wrote, drawing arrows to the bare-faced law enforcement.

Not impressed: The 23-year-old model told followers to mask up while mocking the ‘goofy’ police without face protection

FYI: ‘Hey @nypd masks are for all of our safety, not just urs….. :)’ Hadid wrote

While Bella started the pandemic quarantining at her mom Yolanda’s Pennsylvania farm, she’s back in the Big Apple to model. 

The fresh air and relaxation were good for Hadid, who said she’s had ‘a lot of time to reflect during my quarantine’ in an new Q&A with Elle.

‘I’m really eager to get back to work and make art again,’ she went on. ‘Moving into the next season, I hope we can find a proactive way to move forward in a safe, healthy way.’

Bella is welcoming the changes that will come from working in a post-COVID world. 

‘I think that our sets will be smaller and more intimate, which will be nice for a change,’ she said. ‘…There is a lot to learn and a lot to do, but I feel with the right people, fashion can change everything.’

Farm fresh: Bella is back in the Big Apple after spending time at her mother Yolanda’s Pennsylvania farm

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