Bill Maher Says Trump Indictment Will Backfire Because It's Just a Sex Case

Bill Maher feels VERY strongly … Trump‘s indictment in the Stormy Daniels case will backfire on Democrats, and they have hard proof right before their eyes — the saga of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

The ‘Real Time’ host made it clear … although the Manhattan D.A. indicted Trump on falsifying campaign documents, it’s really about having sex with a porn star and trying to cover it up, and that just doesn’t land with most Americans.

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So Bill took viewers down memory lane — to the ’90s — when Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky unraveled before the public. A special prosecutor had been looking for ANYTHING to nail Clinton, zeroing in on a land deal, but there was nothing.

So the special prosecutor pivoted to one Paula Jones, which eventually led to Lewinsky. Clinton was shamed, allegedly lied about it under oath and was ultimately impeached by the House.  And guess what happened in the end — his approval rating soared to 73%!!!

bill clinton & monica lewinsky

As BM says in Trump’s case … “No matter what the underlying legalism, it’s all about sex. Law is boring.”

Bill thinks if Trump is indicted on the really serious, democracy-threatening matters — like January 6th or election fraud — it’s not going to resonate as much with the public, because they’ll have already seen Trump indicted on something else.

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Food for thought.

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