Blueface's Mom Defends Nude Baby Photo, Says Revealing Hernia Not Illegal

Blueface‘s mother is defending the controversial nude baby photo posted on the rapper’s social media — because she believes there’s absolutely nothing illegal about seeking help for an infant’s hernia.

We got Karlissa Saffold on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles and asked her about the photo, which Blueface claims was uploaded last weekend while his account was hacked.

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While Karlissa says she was initially outraged when she saw the graphic post, like most everyone else, which shows her grandkid’s unhealthy genitals … she says her opinion changed when she saw similar posts from other concerned parents seeking input on hernias.

What’s more, Karlissa says the graphic photo wasn’t done in a pornographic way … she says it was about helping the child, and thus wasn’t illegal.

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We also asked about all the drama between her son and the child’s mother, Chrisean Rock … and she said she would step in if there was a need to keep the peace and help the baby. She’s seeing the same nasty exchanges we all are, and says they both continue “doing some vicious stuff to one another.”

The way Mom sees it, all the drama is what comes with folks who are at the end of a breakup — and she throws some shade their way, saying there’s “3 kids involved” … Blueface, Chrisean and the infant.

To be clear, Karlissa isn’t saying she will take the baby from Chrisean, she says she would never take a child from a mother who is capable of caring for her baby. But, she says she’s ready and willing to help in any capacity.

And, this is very interesting … Karlissa added that she’s more concerned about the way Chrisean was carrying the baby in a Walmart than the hernia photo.

We should also note, Karlissa has an ongoing family reality show … with Blueface, his siblings and herself called “CixoT,” and you gotta wonder if the hernia drama will become content for the program.

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