Brad Pitt & Ines de Ramon spend almost all their free time together

Brad Pitt had a bad summer. The headlines were terrible for him: questions about whether he was scabbing during the SAG-AFTRA strike, plus a sh-t ton of legal drama all around Chateau Miraval and the Miraval wine business. Brad is being sued and countersued about ten different ways, and he’s also pursuing lawsuits against his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. Jolie has largely moved on from Pitt – she’s moving to New York with the kids, she’s starting a new business (Atelier Jolie) and it feels like a fresh start for her, even if Pitt keeps dragging her to court. My point? Brad needs a good headline. Enter Ines de Ramon, his “girlfriend” for the past eleven months or so. They barely see each other and we haven’t heard about her in months, but sure. Here’s an update.

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon’s “relationship is stronger than ever” as they inch toward their one-year anniversary, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. Pitt, 59, and de Ramon, 30, “spend almost all their free time together,” the insider says, noting that the jewelry designer has “become very close” with Pitt’s “inner circle of friends.”

While “things between them are going great,” the source tells Us Pitt isn’t ready to fully bring de Ramon into his family life.

“Brad still hasn’t introduced his kids to Ines,” the insider shares. “It’s not that he doesn’t love Ines, it’s just that he wants to ensure this relationship is going the distance before he takes that major step. He’s dated a few women over the years but hasn’t introduced any of his children to them,” the source continues, adding that the Fight Club actor is “happy” with where his and de Ramon’s relationships stands “and isn’t in a rush to push things unless it unfolds organically.”

“Brad has been really supportive of Ines while she’s going through her divorce because he understands how it can be,” a source exclusively told Us in February. “Although Brad knows Ines is completely independent and can handle things on her own, he’s let her know that she can always open up to him about anything.”

“It’s widely known that Brad is dealing with a lot of legal drama but Ines’s feelings for him haven’t wavered whatsoever,” a separate insider exclusively told Us in July. “If anything, it’s only made their connection stronger in a lot of ways because they’re very open and honest when it comes to communication about their lives, whether it be the good or the bad times.”

[From Us Weekly]

I would argue that Pitt hasn’t introduced his kids to his girlfriend because his kids despise him after he terrorized and assaulted them on a plane in 2016. Instead of making an effort to do better and change, Pitt has spent seven years attacking and smearing his children’s mother, bribing judges and bringing nuisance suits against Jolie. Then he sold his LA house and moved out of town, showing how much he prioritized spending time with his kids or being physically close to them. But I guess we’re not supposed to talk about any of that. As for Ines… I hope she’s getting something out of this. I actually feel sorry for her.

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