“Breaking” movie star John Boyega has dazzled audiences in everything from sci-fi franchises like Star Wars and Pacific Rim to powerful dramas like “Detroit” and the upcoming “The Woman King.” The next genre to tackle on his agenda? Romantic comedies, because he believes “actors are not supposed to have any limits.” Since he hasn’t done that yet — and he’s more than proven he’s capable of disappearing into a number of disparate roles — a Boyega rom-com does seem like an incredible proposition.

Plus, Boyega tells us how he would fare in a celebrity version of “Love Island UK” (spoiler: it’s certainly not for him). He also reveals how he focuses on his mental health and how difficult it was for him to prioritize learning how to relax and not succumb to the pressures of a back-to-back shooting schedule.

All that and more in the video above! Be sure to check out the powerful, gripping film “Breaking,” in theaters now!

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