​​Cardi B Talks Aliens, Censorship, & More In Wild Hot Ones Interview!

Cardi B did not hold back during her first appearance on Hot Ones!

While eating some increasingly spicy wings, the 30-year-old rapper gave her honest thoughts about a whole range of topics — on everything from her music to extraterrestrial life! And as you can expect from Cardi, things got wild! On the topic of recording clean versions of her explicit songs, including her new single Bongos with Megan Thee Stallion, the artist gave her honest opinion about the process, calling it “so annoying.” She recalled:

“I just did it practically two weeks ago, and I was so over it because it’s like — you know, my new song, I be like, ‘N***** eat this ass like a plum.’”

Despite offering up a cleaner version of the line, it still was not considered radio-friendly! Cardi said:

“I’m doing the clean version, and it’s like, ‘Baby, eat it up like a plum,’ and it’s like, ‘No, you still can’t play that for pop radio’ or whatever. And I’m like, ‘Baby, eat these peaches and plums.’”

And now it means… nothing. Oof!

It’s safe to say Cardi was not a fan of that line — but went with it anyway since she had “no choice” in the matter:

“I was so over it. That sounds so corny, like that sounds like Kidz Bop, but I have no choice, so, ‘Baby, eat these peaches and plums.’”

Lolz! Elsewhere, host Sean Evans asked about some hot-button topics, such as whether she believes aliens have visited Earth. This may come as a shock to some fans, but Cardi apparently does NOT think they exist! Even with the recent government files coming out! She explained:

“I don’t believe that aliens are real. Because it’s like, OK, if aliens are real, and they’re smarter than us, right? I feel like, why they just haven’t invaded us? So, aliens, if they smart, they know how humans are. Humans are despicable, they want to take over everything. They just want to have power over everything.”

Hmm. That’s so much more cynical than we expected! Ultimately, Cardi feels if aliens were real, they would have invaded the planet already as it’s all about the “art of war.” Do you agree with the Money hitmaker?

Now, Cardi had been relatively calm while eating the hot wings throughout the first half of the episode. However, she began to freak out, even pacing around the room drinking milk, after consuming Da Bomb sauce. Yep, it struck again! Ha.

But the spicy wing did not stop Cardi from opening up about her obsession with war — including learning about World War II. When asked about her appearance on David Letterman’s Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, she expressed:

“What stays in mind for a long time, is that I went to FDR’s house. Anybody that loves me, knows me, I love FDR. And I love Eleanor Roosevelt. You know how he got us through The Great Depression, with a war, only president that got elected four times, while he’s in a wheelchair.”

While shoveling ice cream into her mouth, she continued:

“As I grew up reading a lot about Eleanor Roosevelt, she had a very sad life. When I went to her house — well, she had a different house from her husband, because FDR mama, she was always around, and she ain’t really like that. Eleanor wanted her space. Just like me, I want my own space all the time.”

But the craziest part about that experience for her? She visited the room where FDR and Winston Churchill talked about the nuclear bombs the US dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

“That is crazy to me. Like, I am really here. I don’t know why, I’m obsessed with war. I’m obsessed with World War I, like I don’t like reading about that, but World War II — I’m obsessed with just learning everything about it. So, for me, to be in the same room that Churchill and FDR was discussing the nuke? It was just such a moment for me. It was just like, ‘Ah, I love this.’”

Who would have thought Cardi was such a history buff?! Wow! You can ch-ch-check out the entire Hot Ones interview (below):

Reactions, Perezcious readers? What was your favorite part about the interview? Sound off in the comments below.

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