Cassandra Peterson Says Gay Elvira Should Be Popular Halloween Costume

Cassandra Peterson — best known as Elvira — has an idea for a Halloween costume that could be this year’s Joe Exotic, and it’s a play off the Mistress of the Dark’s recent coming out.

We got Cassandra at ABC Studios in NYC, and with spooky season right around the corner … we asked what she thinks will be the most popular costume. For one very big reason … she says Elvira costumes are poised to make a comeback, but with a gay twist.

It’s a fitting costume … Cassandra recently revealed — in “Yours Cruelly, Elvira: Memoirs of the Mistress of the Dark” — she’s been dating a woman for nearly 2 decades. Hence, the rise of “Gayvira” … her word, not ours.

Sounds like there are a few celebs who might take her advice — Cassandra says she’s been getting a ton of support from her famous friends after sharing her truth in the book.

Couple other interesting topics we covered — Cassandra tells us how her girlfriend’s dealing with the newfound spotlight, and how the pandemic helped her write her book.

Now, go get your Gayvira on!!!

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