Chinese Colleges Ask Students to 'Fall in Love' as Birth Rates Decline


Colleges in China are giving students a spring break mission — don’t just hook up, get to know each other and maybe even fall in love … as the country’s seeing a drastic decline in birth and marriage rates.

Nine colleges, all run by the Fan Mei Education Group, are asking students to use their annual week-long hiatus to “get in touch with nature, and with your heart feel the beauty of spring,” and most importantly … “Go fall in love.”

The schools have a heavy focus on romance this time around, although the break’s been an annual event since 2019 … just without the boning angle.

The love-making plea comes at a pretty fitting time — China’s facing massive dips in marriage and birth rates, and the country’s been going all-in on getting those numbers back up … with this college instruction being one of the latest methods.

Many businesses and provinces have reportedly been trying to come up with other effective ways to boost the stats … like implementing a 30-day paid marriage leave or campaigns looking for city women to hook up with older rural men. We smell a reality show!

Looks like all the schools participating are vocational schools, specializing in aviation — so go do your homework and join that mile-high club!

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