City of Glendale Will Change Name For Taylor Swift Concerts in Arizona


Taylor Swift fans won’t just get to see their fave artist perform in Arizona, they’ll be doing it in a city named after her ’cause the city of Glendale is temporarily changing its name to honor the start of her tour.

Glendale’s Mayor, Jerry Weiers, is reportedly set to announce the new name Monday as the singer kicks off “The Eras Tour” at the State Farm Arena. The new name will reportedly go into effect during her concert dates on March 17 and 18.

Weiers will also give the scoop on go-to places for fans to continue the party after the concerts.

According to a statement from the city, using plenty of Taylor puns, “There is no need to calm down, we’re fearless and doing something highly unusual to celebrate the fact that Taylor’s concerts start right here!”

The Eras Tour is a highly-anticipated event … you’ll recall all the drama with Ticketmaster and fans trying to get their hands on concert tickets. In the words of the folks calling the shots for the city … they are more than happy to be  “greeting every Swiftie in style”.

So, while the actual name they’ll go with is currently a “Blank Space” … fans only have a few more days until the big unveil.

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