Dan Walker details last thing he remembers before horror accident

Channel 5 news presenter sends Dan Walker her best wishes

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Dan Walker, 45, is continuing to spend some time off Channel 5 News as he heals from his accident, which took place last Monday at a Sheffield roundabout. The former BBC Breakfast presenter has now shared details about the last thing he remembers before waking up at the side of the road surrounded by paramedics and police officers.

I saw a gap, I set off ?

Dan Walker

Dan shared a lengthy column with The Sunday Times, a week after his accident.

In it, he detailed his normal Monday that ended in the painful incident, before his memory goes blank.

He said: “There are four lanes on ‘the Waitrose roundabout’. If the left-hand lane is lane one, I positioned myself where I normally go, on the left-hand side of lane three, one of the two lanes that enables you to turn right.

“I looked to my right and waited for a gap. I saw a gap, so I set off. and that is the last thing that I remember.”

Dan then shared how he woke up seeing green to realise it was two paramedics.

He continued: “I could see myself watching the black screen and I looked as if a tiny white hole appeared in the middle of it and slowly got bigger until I could see two faces looking down on me.”

The Strictly star was met with controversy after dashcam footage of the accident was released.

This left areas for driving campaigners to point blame at whose fault the accident was.

A driving campaigner has argued Dan should have been using a nearby cycle lane that would have diverted him through a subway underneath the road, avoiding heavy traffic.

Hugh Bladon, from the Alliance of British Drivers, told the MailOnline: “Neither Walker nor the driver is blameless.

“Walker should have used the safer route provided for him as a cyclist (why do cyclists not use the facilities provided for them?) and he is a clot for wearing dark clothing.

“Cyclists should make sure they are clearly visible at all times. The driver appears to be starting to move to his left, presumably in preparation for taking the next exit.

“With signs everywhere, other traffic to consider and maybe trying to find his way, it is a simple mistake to miss Walker, possibly hidden by the A-pillar. If I were cycling I would not venture onto that roundabout.”

Dan has since responded to this in his column, admitting he is “confident” he was not at fault.

The former Strictly star said: “There is still nothing there, which a large part of me is very happy about.

“I can’t go into details at the moment because the police might take another week or so to publish their report but, after talking to Conor (a police officer), I am confident that I am not to blame and I hope this can be resolved outside the courts.”

He also said he’s hated “doing nothing” and was looking forward to his prompt return to Channel 5 News.

Dan hopes to return to work later in the coming week as long as the “swelling and bruising” goes down.

He joined Channel 5 last year after leaving BBC Breakfast, having been on the show since 2016.

Dan has been keeping preoccupied with his dog Winnie, with the journalist regularly sharing pictures of his pet pooch staying vigilantly by his side.

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