Elon Musk tried to mock Zelenskyy with a bad meme, got clowned

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As has been well-established for years now, Elon Musk fancies himself both the smartest and funniest person in the room. He is, of course, neither. Because he’s been surrounded by “yes” men for his entire life, I genuinely think he was surprised when he found himself outwitted and out-trolled after buying Twitter last year. Space Karen’s latest grift for attention is parroting Russian or Republican talking points (is there a difference?), disguising it as concern for the American taxpayer.

On Sunday evening, Musk continued his Putin Puppet Show by posting a meme to The Artist Formerly Known as Twitter that mocked Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The meme showed a picture of Zelenskyy with the caption, “When it’s been 5 minutes and you haven’t asked for a billion dollars in aid.” Cue the Ukrainian government and rest of the Internet pointing out, “When it’s been 5 minutes and you haven’t said or done something stupid on the platform that you managed to devalue by 90% within just one year of buying it.”

[Zelenskyy] and his top lieutenants have appealed to their allies throughout the war to secure billions of dollars of military aid to weather and push back Russia’s invasion. The speaker of Ukraine’s parliament, Ruslan Stefanchuk, hit out at Musk’s jibe with his own post on X.

“The case when …(Elon Musk) tried to conquer space, but something went wrong and in 5 minutes he was up to his eyeballs in shit,” an apparent reference to SpaceX’s failed rocket launch in April.

Ukraine’s parliament, on its official page on X, accused Musk of spreading Russian propaganda, posting its own version of the meme with a picture of Musk and the caption: “When it’s been 5 minutes and you haven’t spread Russian propaganda”.

A Ukrainian presidential adviser, Mykhailo Podolyak, who has criticised some of Musk’s statements in the past, said in a post on X that being silent or ironic about Ukraine played into the hands of Russian propaganda.

“Unfortunately, not everyone and not always, while being significant media figures, but being thousands of kilometres away from the war’s epicenter, is able to realize what the daily bombardments and cries of children losing their parents are.”

Ukrainian officials criticised Musk earlier in the war for suggesting that they should consider giving up land for peace, a position that Kyiv has staunchly rejected.

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That’s some solid burn from Speaker Stefanchuk and the Ukrainian parliament. Too bad Elno has no shame and continued posting more dumb sh– on Monday, like a conspiracy theory about the Deep State wanting to silence him, anti-vax nonsense, and a picture of two dogs that implied that he was “teabagging” the media. He thinks he’s been redpilled, but he is actually a deeply unserious moron being used by authoritarians to spread dangerous propaganda. Apartheid Clyde was way more fun when he was making a fool out of himself with the Zuckerberg cage match thing.

Meanwhile, Musk decided it was a good idea to visit Texas border town Eagle Pass in cowboy cosplay last Thursday. Eagle Pass is the town where Gov. Abbott cruelly placed coils of razor wire in the water. Musk posted videos from his trip and shared his opinion on immigration despite no one asking for it. Shockingly enough, he’s all for building a wall. Musk is one of the richest men in America and an immigrant himself, yet he still doesn’t know when to have a seat. Between the Zelenskyy post and the border stunt, Elon is getting high marks as the right’s newest rich, dumb puppet.

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Elon Musk mocks the Ukrainian president asking for help to fight off Russians murdering Ukrainians

I wonder if Musk would find asking for help funny if his country was invaded and his friends and relatives killed pic.twitter.com/Z70r0rCmez

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