ET has a more detailed timeline on Brad Pitts multiple assaults on Angelina Jolie

I appreciate the fact that NBC News and Rolling Stone both did comprehensive reporting on the 2016 newly released FBI report on Angelina Jolie’s plane assault. It feels like it’s taken some time for journalists to go through the partially redacted report, and it also seems like the report is mostly just Angelina Jolie’s statements to the FBI. I will keep saying this – where are Brad Pitt’s statements in 2016? Did the FBI just… not speak to him? Anyway, Entertainment Tonight pieced together a more thorough timeline of the events which occurred on the hours-long international flight. With each successive detailed report, it gets worse and worse. I’m not going to repeat every detail yet again, I’m just highlighting the new information from ET:

Pitt was trying to pick a fight with one child before they even got on the plane: The report begins with Jolie telling the FBI that she and her six kids were returning to California from a two-week trip. She told the FBI that, because Pitt had a business meeting prior to departure, she took the children with her and they all met at the airport. “Once at the airport, the family split up into two cars to get from the terminal, across the tarmac, and to the plane,” Jolie said during the FBI interview in October 2016. Jolie went on to say that she could tell there was already an “issue” between [redacted] and [redacted], a minor. It’s presumed that the “issue” was between Pitt and their then-minor son, Maddox, though neither are ever mentioned in the heavily redacted report. Furthermore, Jolie said she could see that [redacted] was holding [redacted]’s arm and pointing. Jolie said she could sense tension between them [redacted] looked “sad.”

The ‘Columbine kid’ comment: At one point, Jolie said she knelt at Pitt’s feet and asked what was wrong. According to the report, Pitt allegedly said things like, “That kid looks like a f**king Columbine kid. You don’t know what you’re doing.” Jolie said she then proceeded to take her seat and had a glass of wine.

30 minutes into the flight: Pitt approached her and aggressively told her to “come here” and directed her toward the back of the plane. Jolie claimed she didn’t think Pitt was drunk. They went to the restroom, and he allegedly began yelling at her, where the kids could not see them, according to the report. As Pitt allegedly yelled at her, Jolie claimed Pitt “grabbed her by her head, shaking her, followed by grabbing her at the shoulders and shaking her,” and as Pitt was allegedly “shaking” her, she claimed Pitt “pushed her into the bathroom wall and was yelling things like, ‘You’re f***king up this family.’” And, in reference to [redacted], Pitt allegedly said “[redacted is] gonna kill someone, will you be happy then?”

The kids overheard him assaulting her, then witnessed another assault: As she opened the door to the restroom, Jolie claims in the report that two of the other kids were crying and asked, “Are you ok mommy?” Jolie claims she knelt to hug her kids and Pitt allegedly pushed her. She claims he yelled, “No, mommy’s not ok. She’s ruining this family. She’s crazy.”

She was under a blanket with the kids: Jolie claims that Pitt came by her as she laid with her kids and that he poured beer on her and the blanket she was under.

Pitt, the functioning alcoholic: Jolie claims Pitt was getting drunk but he was still very aware, functional, was not rambling. For good measure, Jolie claims that she’s seen Pitt drink a whole bottle of vodka and still function.

Horrific detail: She also claims that Pitt sat in the back of the plane “watching the family in the reflection of a mirror on the wall.” She claims Pitt “would start up a new rant every 30 minutes and pace throughout the plane yelling at everyone.

She wasn’t able to get out while the plane refueled: Jolie said she inquired about separate transportation for her and the kids once the plane landed. She was told that “there was really nothing available where they were going.” Jolie then said she explained it had been a long flight and that they needed to get out of this environment, the kids hadn’t slept and they should get a hotel and continue to California the next day. To this, Jolie claimed in the report that Pitt “erupted,” prompting him to allegedly say, “You’re not f**king going anywhere. You’re not getting off this f**king plane. F**k you all. I’m f**king leaving you.”

She felt like a hostage: As the second leg of the trip began, Jolie claims in the report that it hadn’t been more than 20 minutes before Pitt began ranting again. She claims Pitt yelled things like, “You broke up your family. Wake up [redacted], you broke up your family, congratulations.” At this point, Jolie claims Pitt told her to get to the back of the plane, which she did, and Pitt allegedly began yelling at her there. Jolie said she started to feel like a “hostage.”

Landing in California: At the end of the flight, Pitt is alleged to have passed out in the back of the plane. And, as they were about to land, Jolie told the FBI that she told the kids to pack their bags and wait by the door. She claims she went to Pitt to try to explain that it had been a long flight, the kids hadn’t slept, so she was taking the kids to a hotel for 12 hours so they could rest. Jolie said she had already communicated with her people in Los Angeles to have an extra car waiting for her and the kids. Jolie claims Pitt exploded upon hearing this, allegedly saying, “You’re not taking my f**king kids.” As he continued to allegedly yell, Jolie claims Pitt jumped out of bed and pushed her. She claims they began fighting, and the altercation continued to the back door of the plane. Once at the door, Jolie claims Pitt pushed her down again and told the children that they were not getting off the plane.

He was still assaulting her on the tarmac: The actress estimated that Pitt allegedly kept them from deplaning “for about 20 minutes.” Once the family was off the plane, Jolie claims Pitt “grabbed her arm and turned her toward him. Then he grabbed her by the head and the shoulders and shook her.” Jolie claims someone interjected and said, “Don’t hurt her.” She also claims an unnamed person “saw what was happening and intervened.”

[From ET]

My chest hurts just reading this. I can just picture how Angelina was trying to stay calm in front of the children and trying to do anything to “instigate” Brad any further. The kids must have been so scared and I can only imagine how terrified Angelina was that he would start assaulting them too over the course of the flight. He comes across like a monster who had been escalating for a while, and then it all came to a head over the course of this flight. How many f–king times did he push her, shake her and throw her around? He assaulted her at least half a dozen times over the course of like ten hours. It also sounds like there were witnesses to the final assault on the tarmac. Jesus Christ, I wonder if the FBI spoke to the witnesses?

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