Fan sues tennis ace Nick Kyrgios for defamation

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Anna Palus claims the fiery Australian destroyed her reputation by claiming on centre court that she drunkenly interrupted his showdown with Novak Djokovic.

The 32-year-old Polish spectator alleges his outburst caused “me and my family very substantial damage and distress” when it was broadcast and reported worldwide.

Anna, a medical lawyer, was temporarily removed from the Wimbledon final on July 10 after Kyrgios – who lost the match – complained in the third set that she was putting him off.

He told an umpire: “Why is she still here? She’s drunk out of her mind and speaking to me in the middle of a game…Kick her out…The one in the dress, who looks like she’s had about 700 drinks, bro.”

Anna said she had only had two drinks and was merely trying to get behind him – but added that the 29C temperatures had taken its toll on her.

She has hired a London-based legal firm to “clear my name” and promised to donate any damages received from the action to a charity.

She said yesterday: “Nick Kyrgios made a reckless and entirely baseless allegation against me. I am not litigious, but after much consideration, I have concluded that I have no alternative but to instruct my solicitors.”

“The need to obtain vindication, and to prevent repetition of the allegation, are the only reasons for taking legal action.”

“I hope that Mr Kyrgios will reflect on the harm he has caused me and my family and offer a prompt resolution.”

Details of the proceedings came as Kyrgios, 27, faces a charge of assault, reportedly involving his former partner, Chiara Passari.

Australian Capital Territory Magistrates yesterday adjourned the case until October 4. Kyrgios is in America ahead of the US Open.

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