Find Out 10 Fun Facts About ‘Vampire Academy’ Star Mia McKenna-Bruce (Exclusive)

We’re getting to know one of the stars of the new Vampire Academy TV series – Mia McKenna-Bruce!

The 25-year-old actress stars as Mia Karp in the new Peacock adaptation of the Richelle Mead novels.

Mia Karp is a student at St. Vladimir’s Academy. Witty, cutting, and just the right kind of ruthless when necessary, non-Royal Mia has a long-term plan to social climb her way into the ranks of royalty, with all the privilege and freedom that entails.

A plan complicated by her instant chemistry with Meredith, a Guardian-in-training, as Mia struggles to reconcile her attraction to Meredith with her lowly status.

Vampire Academy takes place at St. Vladmir’s Academy, which isn’t just any boarding school — it’s a hidden place where vampire royals are educated and half-human teens train to protect them from the savage ‘Strigoi’ vampires who would like to see them destroyed.

Ahead of the season one finale, we got to know 10 Fun Facts about Mia McKenna-Bruce.

Find out what she shared with us inside…

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