Flavor Flav Hypes Up Taylor Swift Harvard Course and Run for President

Flavor Flav is all for Harvard University’s Taylor Swift course, noting he’s 100% open to enrolling … and acknowledging he’s reached super-fandom.

The Public Enemy rapper spoke to TMZ Hip Hop in NYC outside of ABC Studios Thursday where he listed off the many reasons why the English Department at Harvard will win big with the course, “Taylor Swift and Her World.”

Professor Stephanie Burt is prepping the TS coursework to be taught for the upcoming spring semester and Flav tells us it’s the perfect course for him and other artists.

taylor swift flavor flav

Flav says he’s actively studied Taylor’s lyrics which ultimately birthed his fan club membership card — which got the platinum stamp during the “Eras” tour in earlier this year.

Flav thinks Taylor’s music is completely relatable — just as much as Beyoncé and Mary J. Blige‘s — but he isn’t just sizing TS up against other singers.

Flav tells us if Taylor was ever to run for president, neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump would have a chance with her on the ballot … he’s voting Team 1989 all the way!!!

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