Foodgod Dismisses Drake's 'Best Burger' Take Over Canadian Roots

Drake’s glowing review of Bun B’s Trill Burgers isn’t impressing Foodgod … all because he thinks Drake’s Canadian taste buds have no clue what a great beef patty is!!!

TMZ Hip Hop checked in with the culinary critic out in Beverly Hills on Tuesday and he wasn’t 100% certain Canada even has a burger culture for Drake to know the difference.

We’d bet the house they do, but even if not, Drake is a world-class artist — who’s about to go on tour, again … so his knowledge of food is probably stronger than most!!!

FG tells us he’s too had Bun’s burgers at Coachella this year and thinks it’s really good but says it’s disqualified from the overall “Best Burger” category because it’s a Smashburger.

That honor he says would go to JG Melon but FG does think Trill Burgers could be in the running for “best Smashburger.”

Drake & Mario Carbone's Ravioli Candle

There was also some skepticism over Mario Carbone‘s Ravioli Sorrentina scented candle … which pairs the scent of Drake’s Carby musk with one of MC’s fancy recipes.

Drake Hits Bun B's Trill Burgers in Houston, J Prince Also Shows Up

Drake Hits Bun B's Trill Burgers in Houston, J Prince Also Shows Up

FG says they missed a golden opportunity not making a candle from MC’s more popular dish rigatoni — but tells us his personal dream collab would be something with Offset. Chicken and waffles maybe? The Waffle House could potentially have some competition!!!

FG swears Canada has excellent food … he just doesn’t think burgers are on the menu of greatness, sorry Drake.

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