'GMA' host T.J. Holmes once joked that wife had 'plenty' of reason to leave him, more news
Past post gone viral

“GMA” host T.J. Holmes once joked on Instagram that he gave his estranged wife, Marilee Fiebig, “plenty of reasons” to leave him during the course of their marriage. The social media post from March 2020 has gone viral following T.J.’s alleged affair with fellow “GMA” host Amy Robach. “10 years ago, Marilee Fiebig married me,” T.J, wrote on their duo’s 10th anniversary. “And despite my best efforts, she remained married to me the past 10 years. That’s not hyperbole. I’m not being dramatic. I gave her plenty of reasons, excuses, and opportunities to walk her fine a** out the doooooooor.” He praised Marilee, an immigration attorney, and called her a “built-in black woman superpower” while showing him “grace and patience that’s incomprehensible.” The former CNN host joked that “asking her for another 10 years would be asking too much,” calling 10 months “a stretch” and 10 weeks “lucky.” The Instagram message was shared by multiple media outlets who screen grabbed it, as T.J. deactivated his Instagram before the scandal broke. Amy deactivated her Instagram on Nov. 30. Although Amy and T.J. split with their respective spouses in August, some reports say they’ve been carrying on a secret relationship since March. 

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Bad radio experience

A Boston radio host has dubbed Teresa Giudice the “rudest” celebrity after an uncomfortable interview. On Nov. 30, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star was on “Billy & Lisa in the Morning” to promote an event. Billy Costa, a longtime on-air personality, quickly asked Teresa about her best selling book, in which she speaks about her time in prison. “I don’t really want to talk about that,” she said of her time being incarcerated. Billy tried to move on, but Teresa wasn’t willing to let it go. “[We’re going to] have a good time, and it’s all about being positive, right? And not negative? You should learn some of that,” she said. The hosts said they weren’t being negative, as her prison time was well-documented — in her own book, no less — and “part of her bio.” “I have a podcast called ‘Namaste B******,’ [and] you should listen to it and learn how to be a little more namaste,” Teresa uttered. The reality star’s rep chimed in and invited the hosts to Teresa’s event. After the interview ended, Billy confirmed that he had no interest in attending the event. “I don’t even want a coffee with Teresa Giudice,” he said. He then added, “She was easily, hands down, the rudest person I’ve ever interviewed.” He also admitted he didn’t want to conduct the interview in the first place.

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Unsavory producer

Ashanti is opening up about an uncomfortable situation she had with a music producer, one in which he allegedly asked for shower sex in exchange for two studio recordings. The singer didn’t name the producer, but hinted that she might in the future. Ashanti dropped the bombshell on “The Breakfast Club,” claiming she’d been working with the producer for a few weeks. He even told her he’d do the recordings for free because she was a “homie.” But, when it came time to put the two songs on the album he suggested they “take a shower together,” she recalled. At first, she thought he was joking, but she soon found out he wasn’t. The man even told her she’d have to cough up $40,000 for each recording if she didn’t get naked in the shower with him. Ashanti refused and “stuff was handled,” she said. 

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The unknown future

Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley are relying on their faith as they prepare to serve a combined 19-year prison sentence for tax evasion and bank fraud. “Age is just a number, and since we don’t know our death date, we have to live every day as if it’s our last,” Julie said on the “Chrisley Confessions” podcast, reading a quote from author Priscilla Shirer. Todd chimed in, “Yesterday doesn’t matter. Today is what we have. Tomorrow belongs to God because we’re not promised tomorrow.” It’s not known when the duo will report to prison, but they are thinking of their children’s futures. “For me as a parent, I want to try to make sure that I do it right more than I do it wrong because I know [the children] are watching, and I know it will prepare them for difficulties, unfortunately, that they will have later in life,” Julie said. Todd said he and Julie have decided to “get up” despite their “dark days.” “You have to live above your circumstances, you have to know that your circumstances are not forever, that they will eventually change and you’re going to come out the other side, and that you’re going to be given the strength you need to get through it,” Julie added. “But that’s sometimes hard to accept, I think, when you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Breaking her silence

Nia Long is finally breaking her silence in regard to the cheating scandal involving her fiance, Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka. “I think the most heartbreaking thing about all of this was seeing my son’s face,” the actress told The Hollywood Reporter, “when the Boston Celtics organization decided to make a very private situation public.” She added, “It was devastating, and it still is.” The Celtics suspended Ime after his affair with another team employee was revealed, as it violated team policy. While Nia certainly has issues Ime, she’s also ripping the Celtics for its handling of the cheating situation. “If you’re in the business of protecting women — I’m sorry, no one from the Celtics organization has even called to see if I’m OK, to see if my children are OK. It’s very disappointing,” she said. Nia, who shares an 11-year-old son with the coach, did not give an update her relationship status with Ime.

Estate decision

Following a contentious battle with actor James Tupper, Homer Laffoon, Anne Heche’s eldest son, has been granted control over his late mother’s estate. James, who dated Anne for years and shares a son with her, had claimed that Anne wanted him to control her estate if she ever passed. Homer, however, argued that he was the rightful controller. People reported that Homer was granted permission to “take possession of all the personal property of the estate of the decedent and preserve it from damage, waste, and injury.” 


Dog The Bounty Hunter is mourning the loss of one of his on-screen partners. David Robinson, who starred on “Dog’s Most Wanted” for several years, died after suffering a medical emergency during a Zoom call. It’s likely that he suffered a heart attack or stroke. “I’m shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of David Robinson, my right-hand man of many years. Until we meet again, brother,” Dog told TMZ. 

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