‘Good Trouble’ EP Talks That Season 4 Finale Shocking Final Moment

This week’s Good Trouble season four finale was a bit of a doozy!

In the episode, “This Is Not My Beautiful House,” now that Isabella (Priscilla Quintana) wants to put the baby up for adoption, Gael (Tommy Martinez) decides what role he wants to play in his child’s life. Malika (Zuri Adele) is caught between her career and her beliefs. Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) infiltrates Silas’s cult to speak to Jenna (Maiara Walsh) face-to-face.

The episode ended on possibly the biggest cliffhanger of the entirety of both Good Trouble and The Fosters.

As to avoid giving out very many spoilers, this is your warning to stop reading.

If you are good with the spoilers, click inside to find out what an executive producer is dishing about that final moment

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