Gucci Mane’s Wife Keyshia Ka’Oir Hides Her Real Age – Find Out the Truth!

AceShowbizGucci Mane is curently happily married with his 34-year-old new wife Keyshia Ka’Oir. However, a friend of Keyshia claimed that she has been lying about her age.

The friend tells MTO News that she was among the attendees at Keyshia’s 30th birthday party. The things is, the friend, who used to dance with Keyshia at a strip club in Atlanta, revealed that it was held more than a decade ago.

“I don’t know why she’s lying about her age, I went to her 30th birthday and that was more than 10 years ago. Maybe in 2005 or 2006,” the friend spilled the tea to the gossip site. It was more likely to be 2006 since Keyshia’s pal further said that Shop Boyz‘s 2006 song “Party Like A Rock Star” was played frequently at her bash.

“She looks great for her age,” the friend continues saying. “She should be happy to tell people how old she is.”

The friend apparently is not the only one who pointed out that Keyshia is lying about her age. Popular blogger/rapper Khia seemingly alluded on her recent Instagram update that Keyshia’s hand didn’t look like someone who’s in her 30s.

“Guess who’s grandma knuckles these belong too?? Hint Hint… She claims to be 32, but these knuckles scream 96, and she always where’s every piece of jewelry she owns, acting like a n***a that ain’t never had s**t.. Who Diss??? GagOrder. You can tell a woman’s age by her hands, feet, and p****e meat… Lets talk about the orderrrr,” she wrote alongside a picture of the hands of the CEO of KA’OIR Cosmetics Brand.

A fan, however, came into Keyshia’s defense, writing in the comment section, “I don’t think so because I’m 55 and I’ve seen woman in their 30’s & 40’s with hands & feet that looks older than mine, matter of fact face also! Loving my 50’s.”

Keyshia has yet to respond to the report.

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