Hardy Teams Up With Beartooth On 'The Better Me'

Country singer-songwriter Hardy teamed up with rock band Beartooth for the song “The Better Me,” which marks their first-ever collaboration.

“I’ve always been a Beartooth fan,” Hardy shared. “I’m excited we finally got to do something together and I’m honored to be part of their new record.”

“There are times where we feel like there is a way better version of ourselves somewhere deep inside that we need to find and bring back to the forefront of our lives,” added Beartooth frontman Caleb Shomo. “This song is about going through the things that brought me to that conclusion. Simply put, I made a choice to be a better me.”

“How many times have I said I was gonna be someone / When I get back onto my feet? / Tomorrow, I’m gonna make changes / ‘Cause today I can barely speak,” Hardy and Shomo sing together throughout the up-tempo chorus. “I know how to pull myself out / And it’s gonna hurt like Hell to set myself free / Just say it out loud, today’s the day I stop fu-ing around / And be the better me / (And be the better me, oh).”

“The Better Me” appears on Beartooth’s forthcoming album, The Surface, due out on October 13th via Red Bull Records. The album will be out on a variety of formats, including CD, cassette and several vinyl variants.

(Photo: Tanner Gallagher)

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