Harry and Meghan are ‘huge loss to royals and UK’ says GMB host

Harry & Meghan: First look at final three Netflix episodes

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The hugely anticipated release of Harry & Meghan dropped on December 8 with the heavily promoted series set to be explosive. Dubbed an “unprecedented and in-depth documentary series” by Netflix, Good Morning Britain host Adil Ray suggested the docuseries lived up to the hype.

The 48-year-old praised the Duke and Duchess of Sussex following the release of the first three episodes which has sparked a divide among celebrities and commentators alike.

The broadcaster has since claimed their departure is a “huge loss” for both the Royal Family and Britain.

Taking to Twitter on December 8, he penned: “The Harry & Meghan doc series is very, very good. Two smart, compassionate humans who clearly love one another. A huge loss to the Royals and Britain.”

His comments sparked a divide as some of his 140,000 followers shared their thoughts.

Aly fumed: “Mocking our traditions and Harry’s family! Look at Harry’s face!”

Jed penned: “Really great loss? What have they brought to the table?”

Lady Lou questioned: “A loss?? Not one Brit feels a loss.”

Kevin wrote: “Not watched it yet. From what I’ve seen, I agree fully with them. Meghan and Harry could have been a positive game changer for Royals.”

Mamie Cole penned: “Huge loss really. So sad to watch and I do hope they come back and unite with their families.”

Lou added: “Agree Adil. Nice to see their actual story instead of royal expert grifters fantasy version.”

Prince Harry, 38, and Meghan Markle, 41, gave an in-depth insight into their love story but also shared the negative aspects of being in the spotlight.

Also discussed at length in the first volume is harassment by the media.

The programme builds up a sense that Britain has an endemic problem with structural racism, particularly in relation to the Royal Family and the media.

Historian and TV presenter David Olusoga describes the optimism many Britons of colour (and others) felt about Meghan’s arrival into the heart of the Royal Family, with the hope of having “difficult conversations that have been pushed away so many times”.

At one point, Meghan describes the media interview and photocall the couple gave when they got engaged as an “orchestrated reality show”.

Harry and Meghan began recording video diaries in March 2020, as they stepped away from royal duties – many months before their Netflix deal was announced.

The Royal Family – we are told at the start – didn’t choose to make any comment for the programme makers.

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