Alex Scott took to Instagram and wowed in an orange bikini

The sports commentator was on a fitness retreat and took a break in the sun.

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Alex Scott, 37, has taken to Instagram in a series of stunning bikini pictures before heading to the gym to call for help from Carol Vorderman. The star shared the story features with her 1.7 million followers. 

She appeared to be enjoying some downtime from a fitness retreat she was on with the TV presenter. 

The sports commentator wowed in a bright orange bikini as she showed off her incredible physique and soaked in the sun.

While in the gym, she worked up a sweat as she filmed exercise buddy Carol bench pressing. 

She wrote in the caption: “Here she is, I’m finished and Carol Vorderman just starting… @Jasonvale we miss you here.” 

Alex Scott called for help from pal Carol

The star lifted weights with pal Carol Vorderman. 

Alex Scott worked up a sweat herself

The star could be seen snapping selfies before lifting heavy for fans to see.

Alex Scott could be seen to enjoy some quiet downtime as she read by the beach

She could be seen reading and relaxing by the sea while dressed in her bright orange bikini.

Alex Scott chuckled away while filming

The star could be heard having a blast as she filmed Carol bench-pressing.

Alex Scott was on a fitness retreat

The star is on a health retreat with Carol in Portugal.

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