James Martin’s Saturday Morning viewers complain over ‘rude’ and ‘bossy’ guest

Viewers label Dipna Anand as 'rude' and 'bossy' on James Martin's Saturday Morning

ITV viewers have criticised a guest chef for being “rude” and “bossy” on James Martin’s Saturday Morning show today. 

Dipna Anand joined him to cook a much-loved Punjabi dish, however, her behaviour didn’t go down well with some watching at home. 

She was preparing a delicious dish of chicken cooked in an onion and tomato masala when people spoke out.

One person commented on X, formally Twitter: “She’s been on quite a few times… she’s not the best guest to have on the show. Very bossy and rude.” 

Similarly, a second fan typed: “Is she being cheeky rude, or real rude?? #jamesmartin #itv.”

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A third chimed in: “What an awful rude guest, I wouldn’t eat in her restaurant now with her poor attitude. Do not ever invite her back.” 

A fourth also said: “She’s definitely not bantering him, she’s awful, wouldn’t like to work for her… #jamesmartin.” 

Many viewers even switched channels as they found the programme too “uncomfortable” to watch. 

Someone wrote online: “I didn’t realise she had been on before, I had to turn over as she made it very uncomfortable to watch!” 

Another left a comment saying: “She’s horrendous had to turn off so rude!”

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However, some viewers thought that the tension wasn’t cringeworthy to watch. 

One ITV watcher said: “@dipnaanand watching you deal with @sat_jamesmartin today was glorious… I don’t think he’s come up against someone like you before.” 

A second person penned: “@sat_jamesmartin @dipnaanand Hilarious watching Dipna tell James off, I think it’s their double act.”

A third similarly typed: “Omg this was so funny to watch… James just wasn’t getting it and Dipnas expressions were class lol.”(sic)

Dipna is a chef and author and owns a restaurant with her father in Southall. 

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