Jamie Foxx Defended By Celebrities After Apologizing For Controversial Post

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Jamie Foxx felt he had to apologize for his controversial social media post, but many in Hollywood are saying there was no need to do that … and it’s stirring a massive debate.

As you know … Jamie’s IG sparked outrage … especially from people who felt Jamie’s statement was antisemitic — seeing how, on its face, it seemed to refer to a trope about Jews being responsible for the death of Jesus Christ. That’s how many took it anyway.

jamie foxx

Amid the mounting backlash, Jennifer Aniston distanced herself from Jamie’s post, which she appeared to like.

Eventually, Jamie said he was sorry and that he meant no harm … but like we said, there are a ton of folks who think he was forced into an apology that wasn’t even warranted, as some are arguing that his language wasn’t in any way aimed at Jewish people.

jamie foxx

This comes down to cultural differences — and there’s a lot of takes referencing AAVE when breaking this down — but the bottom line here is … people are defending Jamie and lamenting the fact he was seemingly cajoled into a clarification — including a lot of stars.

Among the famous faces who are standing in his corner … Winnie Harlow, Waka Flocka, Jay Pharoah, and others — all of whom explicitly questioned why he was apologizing at all.

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TBH, this is part of a larger conversation relating to marginalized groups and the levels of outrage/reverence some feel are mustered among certain identities versus others. We’ll leave that discussion for the internet to fight over, though.

FWIW, the Anti-Defamation League welcomed Jamie’s apology with open arms.

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