Jeremy Clarkson vows ‘I’ll carry on farming if you’re watching or not’

Clarkson’s Farm: Kaleb says Jeremy’s ‘little knowledge’ is ‘dangerous’

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Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson, 62, has insisted he won’t be giving up on farming any time soon, regardless of whether or not he’ll carry on filming Clarkson’s Farm beyond season 2. Speaking exclusively to while the star hosted his third Hawkstone Session at the Hawkstone Brewery, Jeremy broke his silence on the future of his hit Amazon Prime Video series.

Sharing his commitment to Diddly Squat Farm, Jeremy said: “If people don’t want to watch anymore, we wouldn’t make anymore, and if people do want to watch, then we will. 

“I’m going to carry on farming whether you’re watching or not, I don’t care!”

Despite the numerous challenges Clarkson’s Farm viewers have seen Jeremy and his team battling against due to the local council opposing their expansion plans, The Grand Tour star isn’t tired of “fighting” for farming.

He added: “I’m going to carry on farming and fighting the good fight, on behalf of farming, against stupidity.”

Jeremy went on to share an update on when fans can expect the second series of Clarkson’s Farm to drop on Amazon Prime Video, after its debut season received rave reviews in 2021.

When quizzed on when the latest instalment of the documentary will arrive on our screens, Jeremy admitted: “I don’t [know] actually, we’ve finished filming it so it’s being edited, and we’ve edited five of the programmes.

“So there’s three more to go and then it will have to be translated into every language in the world. 

“I would guess the first quarter of next year.”


However, Jeremy’s new project doesn’t come without its difficulties, as he explained his “love/hate relationship with farming”.

The car enthusiast continued: “I have a love/hate relationship with farming, I sometimes absolutely hate it, and then there are times like this morning where I absolutely love it.”

Reflecting on his early morning work on the land in Chipping Norton, Jeremy admitted it was all very peaceful until his farming contractor Kaleb Cooper, 24, interrupted him to tell him he was doing it all wrong.

Jeremy recalled: “I was just on the tractor and it was a beautiful morning.

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“Kaleb, actually, I was so cross with him, I was on my tractor, doing farming, well it was topping, he came by and went, ‘you’re just gardening!’ 

“And I was like, ‘what?!’”

“I’ve got dirty fingernails, so that shows I’ve done a morning’s work,” Jeremy protested.

Despite getting off to a bad start, Jeremy enjoyed some time to unwind at his brewery event that afternoon, as 2,500 Hawkstonians, who are monthly subscribers to the star’s beer and his co-star Kaleb’s cider, got free tickets to see live music from JP Cooper and Jack Savoretti.

Jeremy was joined by his girlfriend Lisa Hogan, Kaleb, and fans of his Diddly Squat Farm produced booze, featuring a new vodka, made authentically with local ingredients.

Discussing the exciting event, Jeremy said: “Well I’ve never been to Glastonbury, but in my mind it’s exactly the same. 

“I used to go to festivals when I was young, I haven’t been for 30 or 40 years, but it’s good that people can join this and become Hawkstonians.

“You become a member and you get beer sent, and the beer is made out of our barley, and the vodka is made out of our wheat. 

“They’re local people and they’re just down the road from us, so we’re trying to find things that the council can’t stop us from doing!”

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Clarkson fans can subscribe to become an Hawkstonian here.

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