Image Source: Getty / Frazer Harrison

Jessica Alba might have to stand on her tippy toes next time she snaps a selfie with her oldest daughter, Honor Marie Warren. On Aug. 3, just two months after her daughter’s 14th birthday, Alba shared a photo of herself next to Warren, who is already taller than her mama. “Just me & my (I can’t believe she’s so tall) baby girl,” Alba captioned the photo of Warren giving her a hug in a parking lot by the beach.

As beachgoers milled about in the background, Alba and her daughter took a moment to capture a photo of themselves dressed in coordinated tan ensembles in the early evening sunlight. The pair even wore sandals in matching shades of beige. While Warren’s platforms gave her a few extra centimeters on her mom this time around, the mother-daughter duo are typically neck and neck in photographs (depending on their shoe situation). Alba has yet to confirm the exact height difference between her and her oldest daughter, but their latest photo together is just further proof that Warren is growing up.

In an Instagram post celebrating Warren’s birthday on June 7, Alba reminisced about the time that’s passed since she first gave birth to her baby girl. “My whole heart, my first baby — 14 years 🤯! Where did the time go!?” Alba captioned the slide show. “It feels like yesterday you were just a little baby — we spent hours staring into each other’s souls, breaking me open, brightening my entire world, and showing me the deepest most profound love.”

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