Joshua Jackson 'Heartbroken' – But Why Is Jodie Turner-Smith REALLY Divorcing Him?!

Ever since the bomb dropped that Jodie Turner-Smith had filed for divorce from Joshua Jackson, we’ve been trying to sniff out the reason. We mean, it was so sudden, and they had been so in love — surely something must have happened, right?

Surprisingly, we’re hearing this divorce was actually pretty scandal-free! However, it may have also been depressingly one-sided. Ouch!

An insider told on Tuesday that, despite speculation, there was no betrayal, no unforgivable transgression.

“Nothing horrible happened between the two like infidelity, the relationship just went its course, and it is just a sad time.”

Sad in particular of the Dawson’s Creek alum, who the source says was fully committed to staying with Jodie forever:

“Joshua is heartbroken over the impending divorce, he always thought that he would be married and grow old with his family, and everything would be happily ever after. He had the dream scenario in his mind, and Jodie was his person and the person he thought he would be with forever.”

OMG! Our hearts! Poor, poor Pacey… The insider continued:

“Joshua isn’t thrilled about it, but as we all know, life doesn’t always work out the way you’d like it to work out… He would have loved nothing more than to still be with Jodie and in a perfect world would probably even take her back if she were to stop the divorce, but now that they have got to this place, he is going to have to accept it.”

So how did they get to this place?

Another source spilled to ET that it was a classic case of a Hollywood power couple being victims of their own success — they were just both too busy to be there for one another!

“Jodie and Joshua’s hectic work schedules started to weigh on their relationship starting over a year ago when they were both filming projects and not always in the same place.”

So it was over a year ago! Someone hinted to DeuxMoi last year in a blind item that the couple had quietly split in like July 2022. Guess that was more or less true? We wondered if they had been faking it for their brand ever since. But this insider says they really were trying for a long time but just couldn’t keep things together, even while they still looked loved up in public, right up to last month:

“They tried to make things work and were taking steps to help their relationship and deal with managing their busy schedules. From an outside perspective, things looked great for a while, but privately, they were slowly growing apart.”

ET‘s source says they’re “trying” to keep things from getting nasty, despite the deep emotions involved, largely for their daughter:

“They are trying to be amicable as they move forward with their divorce and trying to avoid any feelings of animosity. They’re both respectful of each other and focused on co-parenting their daughter. They want to have a positive relationship for her sake and for themselves.”

The DM source backed that up, saying the Mighty Ducks alum is focused on being a good dad now:

“He never wanted this for their daughter. They both are great parents and will continue to be, he just hates that they won’t be together as a couple for their daughter anymore. They will always be connected through her.”

Sounds like Joshua will be heartbroken for a really long time then, sharing a life with Jodie, but also… never together. Oof.

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