Judi Love says government need to ‘wake up’ ahead of NHS strikes

Comedian and OK! columnist Judi Love is pleading with the Government to do something about the cuts to the NHS and the impact of the ambulance strikes planned for the Christmas period.

Writing in her column this week, Judi also reminisces on her recent stint on BBC Radio 2. As well as this, she congratulates actress Keke Palmer following the announcement that she's pregnant with her first child, has her say on the Strep A concerns in the UK and chats Harry and Meghan. Sign up – for free – to read Judi's full column.

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DJ Love

It’s been a pleasure to cover for comedian Rob Beckett on BBC Radio 2 – they were such fun shows!

I’ve worked in radio in the past, having done two years at BBC Radio London, but it still amazes me how different it is from other forms of entertainment.

It’s a much more intimate way of connecting with an audience because they can listen to you at their own comfort – you’re joining them while they’re driving their kids to school or doing the dishes at home.

I’ve had a lovely time playing a wide range of music, chatting with our listeners and just relaxing.

Bring on next Sunday from 5pm to 7pm!

Congrats, Keke!

I’d like to wish a huge congratulations to actress Keke Palmer who recently made the surprise announcement, while hosting Saturday Night Live, that she’s expecting her first child.

She opened her coat to reveal her beautiful baby bump – what a way to break the news!

I’m so excited to see what’s next for this talented lady – she has already proven to be a great addition to the SNL team and was incredible in the film Nope, and now she’s starting a new chapter as a mother.

Sending her my best wishes!

Striking for change

The prospect of ambulance staff going on strike on 21 December – so close to Christmas – is quite scary.

But I think it’s important that we remember it’s for a vital reason. They’re being overworked while understaffed and underpaid, and in the midst of the cost of living crisis, every penny counts.

Without making a statement, changes can’t be made for future generations.

Hopefully it will cause the Government to wake up and take seriously the strain on the NHS so that the public don’t have to worry about further strikes.

Bearing in mind the situation, I’d say readers should be as careful as possible while out celebrating this Christmas.

Support one another

At least nine children in the UK have now passed away after being diagnosed with a Strep A infection.

My love and prayers go out to those families who have sadly lost their little ones to this horrible illness.

This past week I’ve been looking after my poorly son and it’s difficult, so I understand why other mothers are concerned about the news.

I’d advise all parents to try to remain calm, make themselves aware of the symptoms of Strep A and go straight to the doctor if they suspect their child has any of them – it’s always better to be on the safe side.

Please look after one another during this worrying time.

Harry should be heard

Well, Harry and Meghan’s documentary is finally here!

There have been so many negative comments and it’s been really interesting to see the response from people because the couple want to have a voice.

No matter what the outcome of Harry & Meghan, it shows the constant bombardment they face from the media, something that his late mother faced too and sadly took her life.

We should listen to Harry’s lived experience as a child. Hearing this, why would anyone question him wanting to protect his family and move away?


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