Kanye West Speaks Out, Claims Backlash Proves His Anti-Semitic Theories

Kanye West is shrugging off brands cutting ties with him, and insists he can’t be canceled — but if he is, he says that only proves the dangerous anti-Semitic tropes he’s been spewing.

The embattled billionaire held an oddly-timed news conference of sorts — as he left his daughter North West‘s basketball game Friday night, he stopped to take questions from the crowd of paparazzi.

Right off the bat, Ye addressed Balenciaga dropping him … saying it was no big deal to him because they weren’t paying him anything. In fact, he dismissed the fashion giant’s move as purely PR, saying … “I think people just try to score points” — and he thinks Balenciaga, LeBron James, Maverick Carter and “Drink Champs” host N.O.R.E. are all guilty of it.

He bemoaned the fact LeBron’s producing partner Maverick had yanked “The Shop” episode he shot with them. Remember, Maverick said they pulled it because they didn’t want to give Ye a platform to spew “hate speech.”

N.O.R.E. did the same with the most recent ‘Champs’ episode where Kanye went on his anti-Semitic rant, including his claim the Jews who run Hollywood had screwed him over.

While the rapper and designer has already been widely called out for repeating many of the same theories Hitler did … Kanye said something Friday night that was classic Nazism.

Ye claimed any backlash against him was only happening because of Jewish people. He said, “I want to talk about the Jewish comment. It’s actually proving the exact point that I made. So many actors been bullied behind the scenes.”

He then referenced the CEO of Endeavour talent agency’s call for Hollywood to cut ties with Ye. He said, “So you got Ari Emanuel asking people to not do business with me. That’s how this town been running for so so long. They’ll mute you at all costs.”

This new claim — that anyone who denounces him is only doing so at the behest of Jewish people — is EXACTLY, almost word for word, what Hitler and the Nazis said anytime there was international opposition to their tactics.

Let that soak in, and take note that Ye also strongly hinted he will indeed run for office — he was wearing his 2024 cap. The whole interaction kinda looked and felt like a campaign stop.

Highlighting the erraticism that is Kanye lately … he wrapped things up by oddly pivoting to a birthday shout-out to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, who turned 42 on Friday. She was also at North’s game, but they had zero interaction.

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