Katie Price leaves fans open-mouthed after her tooth falls out live on camera

Katie Price’s mum calls her boob job ‘ridiculous’

Katie Price left fans astonished when one of her veneers suddenly fell out in the middle of a live Tiktok broadcast she was doing.

The 45-year-old held one of her dislodged teeth up to the camera mid-action, before bearing a gap-toothed grin that left fans shocked, with one writing: “That [situation] would give me nightmares!”

Flashing her lemon yellow nail varnish, the reality TV star then poked her tongue through the empty space.

Though some attempted to reassure her that at least she didn’t lose a tooth from a more prominent place, like the front of her mouth, the star still grimaced at the loss.

This isn’t the first time Katie has had complications with her teeth.

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She first opted for temporary veneers back in 2017, after having her real teeth shaved down to a fraction to their size, but, when her mouth filled with ulcers, she was left struggling with severe pain.

Katie ended up being unable to speak, and later travelled to Turkey for a second set of veneers that she hoped would correct the problem.

Sadly, in 2020, she lost two of them and needed to get replacements – and it looks like history has now repeated itself.

Katie is known for getting multiple cosmetic procedures done, but after her recent nose job, her mum Amy begged her not to have any more surgery.

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She’d only let her mum know about the surgery by text message, seconds before she received the anaesthetic, as she hadn’t wanted the lung cancer sufferer to be worried.

Meanwhile, just days ago, she revealed her annoyance when her iPhone’s facial recognition technology didn’t detect her features anymore.

Explaining that it looked as if she had “two black eyes” after her nose surgery, and that her face is “so swollen”, she admitted her phone didn’t recognise her.

“You know on my phone, when you get apps and there’s face recognition, it’s not recognising my face any more. I’m having to keep putting the PIN in,” she revealed on the Katie Price Show podcast.

“I thought it goes on your eyeballs, not your whole face,” the worried star exclaimed..

“I’ve got a password but the point is I don’t think my nose looks any different. [That] means it’s a good nose job – but it doesn’t recognise my face and it’s really p****** me off.”

She then revealed that she’d originally only gone to Turkey for a “lip lift”, but that the scar was so “horrific” to her that she’d asked them to do a nose job procedure too.

“I had the scar redone and at the same time, I said you might as well give me a nose job because I thought it looked a bit wonky where they ballsed it up,” she explained.

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