Kelly Ripa Tries To Set Up Her 26-Year-Old Son With 65-Year-Old Sharon Stone!

Kelly Ripa had quite the idea!

During Wednesday’s episode of her Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast, the daytime talk show host welcomed guest Sharon Stone! Hilariously, she was quick to make the Total Recall star aware of her sons’ affinity for her!

Kelly shares 26-year-old Michael and 20-year-old Joaquin with husband Mark Consuelos, as well as 22-year-old daughter Lola. Her sons aren’t just six years apart, they’re apparently WORLDS apart! The Live host told Sharon of her very different boys:

“I wish I could introduce you to my children because my sons — as you know, we’ve discussed this over DMs — I have two sons that are very dichotomous in their personalities. They are not similar in any way. They disagree on everything — except the hotness of Sharon Stone.”

LOLz! Her boys have exquisite taste! Also, it’s a pretty solid compliment coming from this fam. Just sayin’, those are some quality genes.

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She added they even go so far as to scoff at the actress’ onscreen love interests never being hot enough for her:

“If my boys walk in, they’re like, ‘Yeah right, as if Robert De Niro would ever be able to get her’…’Yeah right, like Joe Pesci would have a chance with Sharon Stone.’”

This led the Basic Instinct star to reflect on the Hollywood norm of casting much older male love interests for young women, but when women have younger male love interests, they’re labeled as “cougars.” And Kelly had a solution! One that could spice up Sharon’s next red carpet appearance… She said:

“Sharon, I could set you up with my son right now. He is 26. I would like for you to be my daughter-in-law. That would be the greatest honor of our family. It would be the joy of my life.”

Ha! But also… Is Sharon gonna say no??

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Let’s all remember Sharon is 65 years old — almost 40 years older than Michael! Unfortunately for the young hunk, the Casino actress holds firm she won’t date anyone under 45 years old.

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Sorry bud! LOLz!

We’d be worried Michael was embarrassed — but with his parents, he has to be used to it by now. This is probably not even in the top 20 most humiliating things Kelly and Mark have said about the kids. And hey, if it had worked…

Listen to the full podcast ep (below):

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