Kroy Biermann Sued Over Alleged Unpaid Credit From Casino Trip

Kroy Biermann took out a line of credit for a gambling trip in the Caribbean and never paid the money back … at least according to a new lawsuit.

The former reality TV star and NFL player is being sued by Sky Warrior, which apparently handles the credit lines at the famous Baha Mar Casino in the Bahamas.

According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, Kroy obtained a $100,000 line of credit for use at Baha Mar Casino in advance of a November 2021 trip, and he ended up using $52,500 to gamble.

Sky Warrior claim Kroy agreed to pay back any money he gambled and promised that he had the money in his SunTrust bank account … but they say he drew $52,500 in chip markers at the casino and didn’t repay the amount before leaving.

The suit alleges Kroy still hasn’t settled up … and Sky Warrior say they have been unable to get the money from Kroy’s bank account.

Kim Zolciak and kroy Biermann with family instagram

It’s more financial trouble for Kroy … he and estranged wife Kim Zolciak allegedly owe the IRS north of $1 million, he’s being sued for allegedly missing lease payments on a Rolls-Royce and he’s claimed Kim has a gambling problem in their nasty divorce.

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Sky Warrior is going after Kroy for the $52,500 they say he owes … plus interest and attorney’s fees.

Kroy’s attorney, Marlys A. Bergstrom, had no comment.

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