Lil Wayne And Mack Maine Host 150 Kids at Dave & Busters Party

lil wayne dave and busters

Lil Wayne and Mack Maine are putting a big smile on a bunch of teen faces for a Weezy Christmas … rewarding their hard work with a fun-filled day at Dave & Busters!

The diamond-certified Weezy and his pal Mack teamed up with Wilson Sporting Goods to throw the ultimate day at D&B for kids between the ages of 12 and 16 in their hometown of New Orleans.

The Dave & Busters bash was an attaboy/attagirl, commending the kids for excelling in academics AND with local community sports programs … basketball, football, baseball, soccer and tennis. Each kid got new sports equipment as a bonus. They had Young Money artists Jay Jones and Allan Cubas on hand to pass out gifts in their hometown.

Wayne and Maine are partnering with a bunch of orgs. to give back to kids in their hometown. One of those efforts includes an athletic program in a renovated Harrell Park, where Weezy grew up.

They’re also working with two mentorship programs called “Son of a Saint” … which helps NOLA kids dream big and become leaders in their community through mentorship and support.

As you know, the Young Money CEO just hit diamond status for his hit song “Lollipop” … but clearly he’s also focused on rewarding others.

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