Lionel Messi Nearly Knocked Off Argentina Bus In Scary Moment At World Cup Parade

A triumphant return to Argentina on Tuesday nearly turned disastrous for Lionel Messi and a couple of his other star teammates … who were all almost thrown off the roof of a bus by a low-hanging street wire.

The scary moment happened as Messi and the Argentinian national team were taking laps around Buenos Aires to celebrate their World Cup title over France.

Messi — sitting beside Leandro Paredes, Rodrigo De Paul, Angel Di Maria and Nicolas Otamendi — didn’t see a power line coming his bus’ way … and it almost clocked him and his teammates right in the heads.

It actually ended up clipping Paredes — who lost his hat in the collision — but, thankfully, all of the guys were able to move out of the way … and keep the World Cup party going.

The scene was WILD in Argentina as the guys made their way through Buenos Aires following the close call — thousands of fans lined streets for the second day since the big win … this time, with some climbing to the top of the city’s Obelisco to cheer on the soccer team.

It was chaos around the guys’ bus, too … as everyone tried to get an up-close look at the new world champs.

Despite the scare earlier in the day and the pandemonium in the streets … everyone made it back home OK — including Messi, who took the World Cup trophy with him to bed.

“Buen día!” he said in his caption on the pic.

Good day, indeed.

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