Lisa Kudrow recalls her son’s reaction to watching Friends for the first time — and we’ve got to admit it’s WAY back-handed!

As you’re aware, Lisa played the iconic character Phoebe Buffay (as well as her twin sister Ursula) on the smash-hit TV show. Her son, Julian Stern, was only 5 years old when the show went off the air back in 2004 — which means he didn’t watch until he was a bit older.

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In an interview on Wednesday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the comedy star recalled the first time her son watched the show:

“He was five when we were finished … but he did start watching when his friends at school started watching.”

She recalled how the now 24-year-old told her he was really “impressed” with how funny the guys were in the show:

“He watched it and he was impressed. He said ‘It’s actually really funny, I mean, the guys are so funny.’”

Yikes! First off, it’s actually funny? But more importantly… no love for Mom???

Well, that’s what Lisa said, too! The 58-year-old’s son did go on to praise his momma, but apparently only to placate her! Ha!

“He’s like, “No, I mean you’re funny too.’”

Ouch! The actress went on to share how she felt a bit of a sting from her child’s revelation:

“Never in my life have I wanted to tell my own kid, like, ‘F**k you!’ I mean, I thought it, I didn’t say it.”


She laughed and did say she “understood” Julian’s viewpoint, but also added that he didn’t have to be so “demeaning” about it:

“It’s not required that you’re a fan. You don’t have to like what I do. But don’t be so demeaning!”

Ha! Ch-ch-check out the full interview (below):

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