Logan Paul just signed a major deal with the WWE!

The 27-year-old YouTuber turned boxer has reportedly signed a multi-event deal with the wrestling organization, ESPN reports.

According to the site, Logan will compete in the ring at multiple WWE premium live events, and will make TV appearances in between, based on storylines.

After signing his contract, he called out The Miz, who he previously teamed up with at Wrestlemania 37, before Miz turned on Logan.

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This week, The Miz then called out Logan, setting the stage for a matchup at SummerSlam at the end of July.

“I just signed my WWE contract, with the support of Triple H and Steph McMahon, and this is a massive deal. But let’s get one thing straight, ’cause I don’t want to get this twisted,” Logan says in a video on WWE’s Instagram. “I did not sign this contract to team up with The Miz. In fact, I want nothing to do with The Miz. That man is dead to me, he is my enemy, and I signed this contract so I could beat The Miz‘s a– at SummerSlam.”

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