Love Island stars blame this year’s drama on the curse of the yellow beanbag

Love Island stars have revealed the real reason behind all of the drama on this series, and have pointed the blame at the curse of the yellow beanbag.

In Saturday night's Unseen Bits, the Islanders confessed that they had been avoiding a certain coloured beanbag, adamant that it's "cursed" and has been the reason so many of the Islanders have been arguing.

In one clip, 19 year old Gemma Owen can be heard saying: "Oh I'm not sat on the yellow one.

"I'm scared of the yellow one, I'm awfully sorry".

Throughout the show, several of the Islanders can be seen swerving the yellow seat in favour of the others – and those who didn't would face the wrath of said curse.

"The yellow beanbag causes drama," Coco could be heard saying in the Beach Hut.

"Anyone who sits on it, you get drama".

In one scene Josh Le Grove went to sit on it before Paige Thorne asked him: "Are you actually going to take that risk?"

Josh replied: "I'm breaking the curse… oh wait, what is the curse?", before Paige answered: "Drama".

And later on he admitted it did what it has been known to do… and caused him drama. "That yellow beanbag, I sat on it today and I said that won't f**k me up… I was wrong," he said.

The show also featured a clip of Luca Bish speaking to his Love Island phone.

He said: "I tell you how you know Ekin-Su's lost.

"She's got the f*****g yellow beanbag and when you're sat on that, that is the hot seat… you know the yellow beanbag is no good".

Tasha even kicked the yellow beanbag to the side, as one of the girls said: "Get out of the way with your bad vibes over there".

Yellow bean bag or not, the Love Island villa has seen plenty of drama in recent days, most notably between Davide Sanclimento, 27, and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, 27.

The pair had a huge row this week which was aired on Wednesday night, and it saw Davide brand Ekin-Su "fake".

Davide was annoyed that Ekin-Su shared a chat with newcomer Adam Collard, and tensions bubbled over between Ekin-Su and Davide at the fire pit.

Ekin-Su said to Davide: "If you have trust issues, talk to me…

"Look, I've come in here, alone. I didn't f**k up in Casa Amor, I'm all into you…"

A clearly jarred Davide retorted: "Okay, you didn't f**k up in Casa Amor. I honestly believe you didn't have enough temptation."

It then cut to Ekin-Su declaring: "I don't give a f**k about Adam, I'll shout it: 'I don't give a f**k about Adam!'"

This didn't go down well with Davide as he responded: "Okay, now you are doing the show again. Honestly, Ekin-Su, I'm tired to be with you."

"Honestly, now you want to do the show again…" he continued as he stormed off.

"With Davide responding: "You didn't receive the Oscar first time, you want to get it now."

Ekin-Su then turned to her fellow Islanders as she pointed out: "He's doing a show, look," as she started clapping at Davide.

As he stormed off he said: "Fake as the Louis Vuitton from China".

Love Island continues every night on ITV2 at 9pm

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