Marijuana Cloud Shrouds Colombian Town When Cops Burn 1.5 Ton Seizure

Hard to tell who’s “winning” the war on drugs in a Colombian town that’s now completely shrouded in marijuana smoke, and it’s all because the cops lit up a huge pile of pot at the wrong time.

Puff, puff, NO pass is in full effect for residents of Bello … a suburb of Medellin, which of course is best known for a different drug, but we digress. This citywide hotboxing was set in motion 2 weeks ago, when cops and soldiers started to seize weed from local dealers … eventually snatching up 1.5 tons of sticky icky from the streets.

Score one for law enforcement, right? Well, on Tuesday some genius decided to torch the confiscated ganja without doing a weather check. Big mistake. Huge.

When the winds shifted the pot cloud started drifting over Bello, and not shockingly residents started reporting a tremendous smell of marijuana.” Sounds funny, but officials reportedly had to evacuate several towers in the area, while reassuring citizens there was no danger from fire.

Lots of positives here … no one was actually injured and glaucoma rates are wayyy down. Negatives? There’s a run on Funyuns!!!

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