Millie Bobby Browns Fiancé Jake Bongiovi Does Her Makeup In Cute New Video  Watch Now!

Fiancé does my makeup challenge!

Millie Bobby Brown‘s Florence by Mills beauty brand shared a new YouTube video where her fiance Jake Bongiovi does her makeup, and, well, he has barely any idea of what to do.

In addition to him doing her makeup, they also did a little Q&A and answered some questions about their relationship.

Check it out inside…

For the Q&A portion, they answered questions like how did they meet, what was his first impression of her, what his favorite look of hers was and more.

While trying to figure out the next steps in the makeup look, Millie had to help prompt Jake on what products to use and what came next. To his credit, he did know what to do with her brows, though it wasn’t the best outcome at first.

After he was done, Millie said sarcastically, “I’m so excited to go on my huge red carpet right now to go and publicize my new book, ‘Nineteen Steps,’ and my new fragrance Wildly Me.”

“Thank you Jake Bongiovi for helping me. I love you,” she added. Check out the video right here!

Millie‘s book “Nineteen Steps” actually comes out THIS Tuesday (September 12). Check out photos of her arriving to do press for the book!

If you missed it, the actress also has a new Florence by Mills product coming out that has nothing to do with beauty products…
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