New Video Shows Michigan Teacher Getting Knocked Out by Chair

A Michigan teacher had a harrowing experience in school this week … she was knocked unconscious by a metal-chair throwing student.

The terrifying incident was captured on video Thursday afternoon in a classroom at Southwestern Classical Academy in Flint.

Check out the clip … the instructor is standing in front of her class as one of the students yells at her from the side of the room.

It’s not clear what the beef is about … but, at some point, the student picks up the chair and throws it at the teacher, who gets clobbered in the head with it and drops like a sack of potatoes to the floor.

What’s worse … another student is heard cheering as the teacher lays unconscious.

The woman was eventually rushed to a hospital, where she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and released.

Southwestern Academy Superintendent Kevelin Jones wrote a letter to parents informing them about the attack, which was described as a “physical altercation between two scholars” that led to the teacher getting hurt.

In the letter, Jones did not indicate whether the unruly student was arrested by police and/or punished by the school.

We’ve reached out to Jones and the Flint Police Department for comment … so far no word back.

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