NLE Choppas Ex Marissa DaNae Claims He Still Crazy About Her After Their Split

The ‘Walk Em Down’ hitmaker’s ex-girlfriend declares that the hip-hop artist still loves and admires her despite him stating that he doesn’t see himself being loyal to her.

AceShowbizNLE Choppa‘s ex-girlfriend apparently still wants him in her life despite their recent breakup. Marissa Da’Nae claimed that the “Walk Em Down” spitter still loves her during an Instagram Live session.

“These comments like, ‘How does it feel to be dumped’ or ‘broken up’…” she said during the livestream. “It doesn’t matter what y’all say, that man loves the hell out of me. He’s crazy about me. So I don’t know what to really tell you. Can’t really hurt my feelings.” She continued, “One day, whenever I tell my story, you’ll be able to understand why I was so emotional and what I was going through. But until then, I really don’t care.”

Many Instagram users encouraged Marissa to live her life and move on. “At 26 years old, you gotta do better. Everything doesn’t need an explanation or reaction. Heal yourself & go on about your life,” one person commented. Another added, “Love comes and love goes. She needs to HEAL.”

“Ladies make your own money and keep your own place. Cause ain’t no way,” someone else suggested. A separate Instagram user wrote, “girl move on pls. u can get someone better…u have to wait lil longer.”

NLE announced that he’s breaking up with Marissa on September 12. Announcing the news on Twitter, he wrote, “I Am Single, Im Man Enough To Admit I’m Not Ready, And I Have Some Growing To Do.”

A few days later, Marissa tearfully spoke about how hard it’s coping with her new reality. “Honestly, how hard it is for me to sleep or how hard it is get up, and face reality because this was not my reality a week ago,” she said in between her tears.

“I can’t tell y’all how hard it is because I love so hard and I love harder and harder and harder every time and this one hurts the most because I really thought that I was gonna marry this man,” Marissa, who said she had knots in her stomach, couldn’t eat and had been crying uncontrollably since the breakup, added. “I’m trying to be strong and it’s hard.”

A few moments later, NLE, who admitted that he just wasn’t ready for that type of commitment with her, turned to Twitter to slam people who made fun of Marissa’s emotional video. “Some people don’t know how to grieve, that’s something I have to understand. If they do it publicly, privately, or whatever atleast they letting there hurt out,” so he wrote, “That’s the detox. Understand that some people love hard, So certain things hit them HARDER !”

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