Paddy McGuinness diagnosed with depression after ex spotted symptoms

Paddy McGuinness, 49, revealed his ex-wife, Christine, 35, was among the first people to notice he wasn’t being himself before he finally got diagnosed with depression.

The Top Gear star admitted he was unaware of his symptoms, which included a change in his mood and “feeling angry straight away”.

He said: “You can be as low as low can be and it’s the people around you that tell you. So Christine and a few of my family members would say stuff and ask if I was okay and I would think, ‘Why are they always asking me that?’

“But obviously you can’t see it yourself, it’s in your head, it’s not like you’ve got a limp where people can spot it and you can spot.”

Paddy went on to confess he started to “resent” his job and began losing his temper more easily as he got “wound up quicker”.

He told Aimee Fuller on the Monday Mile podcast: “I’ve never been that much of a person losing my temper but I could feel myself in certain situations getting wound up quicker and I just thought that’s not me.

“I wasn’t going around throwing cups at the bloody wall and shouting but I could feel myself feeling angry straight away and I shouldn’t be feeling that.”

Paddy continued: “I wasn’t going around throwing cups at the bl**dy wall and shouting but I could feel myself feeling angry straight away and I shouldn’t be feeling that.”

Last year, Paddy candidly opened up about how he and Christine fell into a “depressive state” in their early years of parenthood together.

The former couple, who share twins Leo and Penelope and a younger daughter named Felicity, were sleep-deprived and “really affected” by their lack of rest.

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He said: “When I think back to the twins – Leo and Penelope, up to kind of being four or five years old – the lack of sleep that me and Christine had really affected us.

“I think that’s when I first started going into that kind of depressive state. I felt like I was permanently jetlagged,” he added during his interview with MailOnline.

Real Housewives Of Cheshire star Christine, who was also present at the interview, revealed that she felt “inspired” by her children and their ability to not care what others think.

She said: “When I’ve taken our children out and about – they’re completely not interested in what anyone thinks of them.

“If they want to have a meltdown, or if they have sensory overload, they just carry on being them, and in some ways, I find it kind of inspirational. They don’t care.”

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